And another baby makes 5

What a year it has been so far. So many surprises have happened and just things that have shocked me, scared me and stressed me out but have all turned out well!
I’ll start by saying we moved. We were getting ready to build and then my husband decided against it. Then he showed me a house he had heard about; found online and that was it. We went to go see it the next day and made an offer. The first day we moved in, Gianluca decided to move as well and started crawling. A week or two later I started to feel nauseous. We were going to court for Ari’s adoption and I was terribly nervous about how it would play out. I prayed and prayed and then later turned on the radio to hear a sermon about God adopting people and what it means when God has adopted you. I cried, maybe God was telling me things would be okay? I woke up the morning of court and saw rainbows from the sun shining around my bathroom. I thought maybe God is giving me hope?
The day of court was really hard for me but the next day we found out God (and the judge) had moved in our favor. Fast forward Ari’s adoption has been finalized. We have received new birth certificates and everything. It feels like we truly have a clean slate. A few women have asked me about the process of adoption and I am always willing to discuss it. Every state has different laws but I understand the emotions that go with it and am always open about my story with it if you have questions about your own situation.
Meanwhile… like I said I was starting to feel nauseous at the beginning of the week. I went to my Dr. to get my thyroid levels checked by way of blood test and asked to do a pregnancy test as well. There was no way I thought I was pregnant though. At the end of February I had severe bleeding and not to get into more detail of what else but I just concluded I had a miscarriage to a baby that I didn’t realize I was pregnant with. I wasn’t sad because really I just thought I had a horrible period that lasted a couple of weeks and who knows what really happened. Even my Dr. was perplexed! It seemed to mess with everything though, my breast milk levels, my energy etc…
Here comes April though and I get the phone call about my thyroid levels and that my blood test came back positive for a pregnancy! I was already 7 or 8 weeks pregnant. I was shocked, floored, and honestly freaking out. Gianluca was only 8 months old and he needed a mommy that was going to run around with him and roll on the floor with him and have the energy to play! Not a mommy who was going to look like a beach ball in a few months! A baby is always a beautiful thing though and I was happy and even more so when I told my husband and saw how happy he was. Ari was also super excited. My family (excluding my husband) then concluded that the baby was a girl. I too started to believe the baby was a girl too! I had really strange cravings. I do not drink a lot of alcohol because I honestly have and still just HATE the taste! I do love a glass of white wine especially on a summer day or a glass of sweet white wine or champagne when out with friends but as far as at home… I’d rather have tea or kombucha. I really only started to drink wine when I met my husband because he’s a bit of a connoisseur.
However I started craving red wine! This was before I even knew I was pregnant. Anytime I was out I would drink a glass of red wine like a Pinot Noir or Meritage. And I never drink reds, unless my husband tells me to try some of his. I also could not stop eating fruit, especially oranges. Normally I am a veggie girl all the way but some of my favorites like asparagus and mushrooms were making me gag. I should have known something was up! I normally have to remind myself to eat fruit, and to this day I just think it’s the greatest thing now! So, they say when you’re pregnant with a girl you crave fruit and sweets! I’m not feeling the sweets though, unless it’s chocolate (but that happens when I’m not pregnant too). I can’t explain the wine craving! It lasted for only about a month or so and it definitely stopped after I found out I was pregnant. So strange.
I also started to think I was having a girl because I kept seeing those little rainbows in my house. It could just be because we moved into a house that looks like a gigantic sunroom (it’s very modern with huge windows everywhere) so light reflects off of everything or… So another blogger that I love to read had said that when she was pregnant with her daughter she kept seeing rainbows… in case you’re wondering where I’m going with this.
Okay last couple of signs: I only just this week stopped throwing up! My morning sickness did not last this long with Gianluca! And when I saw her little face on the ultrasound I just thought the features looked so delicate and feminine. I told my husband it had to be a girl!
Low and behold this past Monday we did a gender reveal with a cake and my husband’s family. My husband cut the cake and there it was, pink frosting!!!
So now I of course can’t wait to go shopping for her and decorate her room! And oh my goodness, Arianna is just over the moon about having a little sister. She was a good sport about Gianluca being a boy and it turns out she only had to wait a little while to get the sister that she wanted!
We did have a scare though on May 22nd. I started bleeding heavily and got my self to the hospital immediately. Luckily I was only a couple of minutes away anyway because I was volunteering at Ari’s school. After I checked into the emergency department I started to hyperventilate and cry. I just knew I had lost the baby. I called my friend Kristina and told her what was happening. She then began to pray that the bleeding would stop and that the baby would be okay. I wanted to tell her to hold up and that the baby was already dead, that’s why I was bleeding out but her faith in God and her sudden hope that all was not lost gave me hope. Maybe this baby wasn’t gone after all. Nick got to the hospital we did an ultrasound and the baby had a heart beat! They concluded that I had a sub chorionic hematoma that decided to hemorrhage that day. The bad news was that the hematoma was one of the largest that they had seen and was lifting my placenta up. They gave me a 50/50 chance that the baby would survive. I stayed on bed rest for a month and I prayed and cried for most of it. My family and friends were so supportive and filled me with love, cared for Gianluca when I couldn’t lift him up and brought me food. The bleeding stopped about a month ago after we arrived in Europe and I haven’t had it since. I’m still taking it easy because all though the hematoma has reduced its size, it is still there and I don’t want to make it worse obviously. There is nothing to cause it and there is nothing I can do to fully make it go away and it’s actually quite common in pregnancy. I do have a couple of things that I think are helpful for bleeding like CoQ10 supplements and drinking black tea but who knows if they actually work. I suppose it just helps me feel like I have a little more control of my healing on my end while God works it out on his.
So many surprises that have turned out for our Good- Thank God again!


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