Maternity Fashion

It’s a rainy Saturday morning and everyone in my house is asleep.  Ari came home a couple of hours ago after her first camp out with her nature camp!  She stayed up until 4 am with the other little girls in her group so as soon as she got home from 7 am pickup I had her take a shower, take her kids multivitamins and probiotic, rubbed some lotion mixed with lavender oil on her and put a movie on to secretly lull her to sleep (she kept telling me she wasn’t tired).  She came home bright eyed and bushy tailed but I figured  it would be best if I had her sleep the rest of the morning and maybe do an activity with her in the afternoon/evening to help her sleep schedule be a little less hectic tonight.  We’ll see how that goes!

As for me and baby we are just waiting around for our due date!  We have two more weeks and I’m feeling pretty good.  Too much standing and walking and I need to sit down though.  Too much sitting and I need to stand up because my back hurts.  It’s constant adjusting until I finally put my feet up and curl into the fetal position at night with a little foot stuck under my rib cage.  I am so excited to meet this little person who has been rolling around and testing the limits of their space every day inside of me.  With that being said, I know some part of me will miss my bump and having a little life to nourish within my core.  Dressing the bump has also been so much fun especially during the summer.  There have been a few people who have commented sympathetically, “poor thing, how are you dealing with the heat?”  And I have to say, the heat in Ohio this summer has not been that bad.  I have enjoyed wearing my little polka dot maternity swim suits to the pool, sitting under an umbrella with a magazine and just watching Ari play.  I also have to say being pregnant in the summer has been very cost efficient.  Winter pregnancies need a whole new coat to fit around the bump!  I wouldn’t even want to try and pull over a tight sweater and be left to sweat every time I went into a warm room.  Not to mention being off balance with a big bump and trying to navigate walking on icy sidewalks.  Yikes!

Paris was chilly and I could not zip my coat over my little 6 month bump!

  I thought I could be one of those girls who could get away with wearing their normal attire or at least be able to buy normal dresses instead of maternity specific but I quickly found that maternity was just made to fit better and is much more comfortable!  The normal wrap dresses I tried on would maybe fit my breast area but then be too tight on the bump or reverse; they would drown my breast area in fabric and be perfect for the bump.  One of my favorite flowier dresses I wore to an event and felt so beautiful in it but when I got home I had red marks in my shoulders.  The dress had been cutting off my circulation and I had no idea!  So that is why I decided to really research into maternity clothes and commit to the investment in getting clothes that fit my new body type.  I have had so much fun finding cute little dresses and fashionable jeans.  Maternity pants are the first investment I made and early on because my belly felt so tender even when the baby was tiny.  I needed the stretchiness.  A great brand I found at Nordstrom is Paige.  The jeans fit under your bump with two elastic pieces carefully hidden at the sides.  I have a pair that are black with trendy little rips and tears.  I love them.


Now on to my favorite, dresses!

kimi and kai

I love a cute dress sans pants!!!  Comfy and classic are two things I love.  One company I fell in love with, again through Nordstrom, is Kimi and Kai.  I was lucky enough to be able to collaborate with them and have them send a couple of dresses to share!

kimi and kai

Kimi and Kai also have their own website you can visit to see more than just what Nordstrom is offering.  The great thing about maternity clothes is that they can last more than just three trimesters.  Some maternity outfits double as nursing outfits, so instead of having to pull your entire shirt up or down or completely remove it, you can just discreetly pull at a secret piece of fabric and voila!  Milk for baby!

best of both worlds: maternity and nursing dress combined by kimi and kai

The white dress with black polka dots is exactly what I’m talking about.  Pick up one of those frills on the shoulder and baby has access and no one has been flashed.  I am all for breast feeding but I prefer a cover because I personally am uncomfortable with anyone seeing an intimate moment like that between my child and I, so the more discreet I can be, the more comfortable I am.

A few other designers I like are Seraphine, Olian and Majamas.

One of my favorite dresses that I will be wearing after my pregnancy is this Seraphine navy polka dot dress.  I also fell in love with their comfy form fitting maxis.

Olian has a lot of fun prints and they are based out of Miami.


I also found a Company called Moms The Word that sells several different designers.

I wore this Tees by Tina dress to my baby shower. Found through Moms The Word.
This dress is Moms The Word’s very own Milan dress.  So comfy and pretty.

And if you just want to be down right comfy, work out, fall asleep, nurse baby, lounge on couch… repeat… I suggest Majamas!  USA made and eco friendly!  Their recycled polyester fabric is my favorite!  I want to live in it forever.  They also have great organic cotton dresses.  I wore one last weekend to a party actually.  I forgot to take photos but no worries it doubles as a nursing dress so I will be wearing it a lot in photos of my new bambino and I!  Their qualcosa tanks are my absolute favorite to wear working out with a bump because they cover your posterior bum when you’re wearing leggings and they cover the bump beautifully with their gorgeous patterns.  The florals are my favorite.  The company is actually in Chicago and the owners are very friendly and helpful (I’ve called them a couple of times to help me with sizing).

Maternity fashion is so cute in my opinion and it’s best to do whatever is comfortable for you and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful because there are parts of pregnancy that are just not so glamorous.  In my opinion when you look good you feel good.  During some of the hard times in my life I knew the best way to cheer myself up and get myself out of the house to work hard for my daughter and I was to just take a shower and put on a cute dress and some red lip stick.  Somehow that made everything else feel manageable to me.  Everyone has their own tricks: yoga class, deep breathing, massage, cooking a beautiful meal, cleaning their home, netflix binge watching etc… Whatever you need, do it because you’ll come back so much better.  Pregnancy in the grand scheme of things is so short but so memorable.  My daughter keeps a photograph of me pregnant with her in her room.  It really is such a beautiful time for you and your child.