Seeing Clearly Now

I have not been handling coffee or caffeine well at all.  Coffee has been making me a bit nauseous and really any form of caffeine is now giving me the shakes a bit.  I decided to lay off of the caffeine for a while, including my favorite cup of Early Grey with honey and coconut milk.  I’m also trying to stay away from sugar, so that batch of chocolate chip cookies that I really want to bake may have to wait.

I was feeling sluggish mid-day so I grabbed a few fruits and veggies to try and get my energy up naturally.  This juice is quick because there’s not much washing and cutting to do.  I’ve also been craving carrots and citrus lately so this hit the spot.


This juice has several carrots, a few handfuls of fresh pineapple and broccoli, a generous pinch of cilantro to give it a fresh taste, the tiniest bit of ginger for digestion and half of a lemon.

The end result was everything I needed (=

FullSizeRender (1)
My substitute cappuccino filled with natural goodness that my body actually needs. 



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