Our Trip to Naples

Nick and I spent an amazing weekend in Naples, Florida.  I never really appreciated Naples until I met Nick.  It is obviously a beautiful place with vividly colored flora, wildlife roaming around in their natural habitat and the ocean, but paradise is nothing if you are there alone.  When I met Nick he showed me parts of Naples I had never even seen before and perhaps maybe even forgot about.  Since I have been with Nick I can finally truly enjoy the beauty of Naples.  It is also a sentimental place because everywhere we go reminds me of the first time we met.  There is something special about each place there now.


In front of the Japanese restaurant where we had our very first date!  It was the best date I have ever been on.

We went to Naples for a wedding.  We arrived Thursday morning and met up with Nick’s friends throughout the day.  We had lunch at Bice and afterwards Ari left to spend time with my family in Naples.  It was so nice to be back on 5th ave.  It is one of my favorite places in Naples.


We walked down to Venetian Village afterwards and saw so many dolphins on our walk to and from.  It was surreal.  I’ve never been that close to dolphins!


That night we had dinner at AZN in Mercato.  We also walked down to The Blue Martini where Nick and I met.  Nick and I didn’t stay for long as we normally never really go out to clubs and bars but I loved being able to return as a customer instead of a girl that worked there.  I drank half of a mango mojito (I’m not a big drinker) and just had to take a deep breathe.  I don’t know how to explain the feeling… but I am so grateful to God for everything he has done for me.

Our five minute trip to the Blue Martini

The next day we returned to 5th ave and ate at the Cafe.  It was great.  I had a wheat grass shot, a freshly squeezed juice and a veggie omelet.  The rest of the day was spent by the pool followed by a walk on the beach.

L’Angelou is a restaurant that Nick and I have been to twice now and it never disappoints!  It’s always good company and always a wonderful meal.  The first time we went it was with Jim.  We stayed there until way after the restaurant closed having a wonderful conversation with the owners who also own Malto (I love their pizza).  This time we were with all of  Nick’s friends.  L’Angelou looked very different (in a good way) and we quickly found out that Bice had bought it.  I have to say I had the best pasta carbonara I have ever had that night!  Afterwards we had drinks and dessert with the bride, groom and their family.  We were in love with the milk chocolate covered pretzels (or maybe that was just me).

We had so much fun and lots of laughs with all of these guys

The next day was the wedding!  Nick and I wake up pretty early so as soon as 8 o’clock rolled around I hightailed it to Whole Foods and picked up coffee’s for our group and cafe con leches for Nick and I.  I made breakfast for everyone and soon enough it was time for the wedding.  The wedding was at St. Williams church.  I always cry at weddings.  They make me so happy.  Anytime two people choose to love each other forever in perfect fidelity and in God’s house it really touches me.


After the wedding we went to the Ritz Carlton, the place where Nick and I had out first date.  The reception was held there and it was absolutely beautiful.

The Ritz!
The beautiful Katie and me

The next morning Nick and I went to mass at a church that I had previously written off and I must say afterwards,I was pleasantly surprised and take back my initial judgement.  I normally don’t crack a smile in mass but this one really had my attention.  I’d go as far as to say that it was my all time favorite mass.  As we listened to the priest’s Latin we quickly realized that he was French.  He spoke about not only the power of prayer and praying for souls in purgatory but of the tragedy that had occurred in his hometown of Paris.  He touched upon serious matters but also made the parishioners laugh with his lively personality.  I don’t know if it was the French in me or what but I really enjoyed mass!

Afterwards, we went to brunch with the wedding party followed by a quick trip home to work on some writing for me and for Nick to watch his football game and nap.  I had been begging Nick to take me to 3rd st.  3rd st. is absolutely beautiful and the restaurants there are as well!  We went to Campiello a restaurant that Nick had taken me to when we first started dating.  Everything was delicious of course and after a glass of Abruzzo I was feeling very good.  Red wine makes me so giddy.  We walked around, danced a little bit and returned home.  I was out like a light shortly after.  The trip was memorable and I had to get it all down so that it would be impossible to forget.

I am the lucky one