Interview with Arianna after her First Day of Kindergarten

  1.  Q. How was your first day of school?  A.  Good
  2.  Q. What was your favorite part of the day? A.  When we had recess
  3.  Q.  Did you see anyone you knew?  A.  I saw Sammy and Johnny at recess and then there was a bumble bee and we ran away.
  4.  Q. What was your favorite thing that I put in your lunch box?  A.  The fruit
  5.  Q. Did you like your teacher?  A. Yes
  6.  Q. What do you like about your teacher?  A.  She let us go to the park two times
  7.  Q.  What was the first thing you did when you got to school?  A. We were quiet for like 20 seconds and then we prayed about Jesus and then I did my right hand and did in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  She was the best teacher I ever saw.
  8.   Q.  Did you make any friends?  A.  Yes two of them.  I don’t remember their names
  9.   Q. What did you guys do together?  A.  First we were best friends then we weren’t because she didn’t share the baby doll.  Then we came back to being best friends.  We just hugged each other and said, “sorry”.
  10.  Q. Do you want to go back to school on Monday?  A.  Yes

ari school

After school Ari gave her teacher a bouquet of pink flowers and then we headed over to Chagrin Falls to feed the ducks popcorn and celebrate with our own little chocolate peanut butter ice cream party.  ❤

I love peanut butter ice cream <3
I love peanut butter ice cream ❤

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