Working it out

I can’t work out without music.  For me it really is impossible and miserable.  Here’s one of my workout playlists.  I am reluctant to get through the first ten minutes of a workout while my muscles are stiff and not warmed up yet.  Those first ten minutes get harder and harder the older I get!   It’s not that I’m getting terribly old (I’ll be 26 next month!!!) but when you are forced to work out everyday from sports and then it stops… well, it’s tough to have the self motivation and that’s where headphones come in to play.  I will admit the playlist is heavily influenced by my alternative Chicago/ dubstep Miami days… but that’s what distracts me when I’m exercising!  I can’t have a Dave Matthews song playing when I’m trying to will myself to run on an incline.

On the way to 80's music with my crush (=
On the way to 80’s music with my crush (=
  1. “Crave You” by Adventure Club Remix,  This song is too much fun (=

2. “Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order, This has been one of my favorite songs since I was 2 years old living on Okinawa.

3. “Ran” Flock of Seagulls,  I’m in love with 80’s music

4. “As The Rush Comes” by Gabriel & Dresden Motorcycle Club, It’s considered a chillout song but I love working out to it

5. “Fall In Love”  by Phantogram, This song was on the alternative radio station in Chicago and I quickly looked it up and yes fell in love

6. “I Can’t Stop” by Flux Pavilion, Remember the Great Gatsby soundtrack?  This song was on it

7. “Insane” by Flume, I had a friend use this song for the background on one of his surfing videos… it’s pretty cool

8. “Fortune Soul”  by Blackmill,  This song will cleanse your mind

9. “When I’m Small” by Phantogram I heard this song during a Pure Barre workout.  Pure Barre is one of my favorite workouts.  It’s more woman centered and you are constantly given positive feedback from other woman making you feel a sense of friendship with them and competition only among yourself.  It really makes me sick when women compete with one another.  Your only competition should be your past self vs. your future self.  Cheers to Pure Barre Lakeview Chicago for having such a phenomenal and uplifting staff ❤

10. “Giants” by Bear Hands, I like to sing this when I’m alone (=

11. “Hide From You” by Taches

12. “Relax, Take It Easy” MIKA, This one reminds me of a European dance club

13. “You and Me” ft. Eliza Doolittle Flume Remix

Cool Down

“A Reminiscent Drive” by Ambrosia

“Drift” Alina Baraz & Galimatias

I love his choice in music as well. <3
I love his choice in music as well. ❤

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