Your Body’s largest Organ: Skin!

Beet juices are growing more and more popular these days and why not?!  Beets with their beautiful magenta color are full of vitamins and minerals!  They are great for skin and as someone who suffered from folliculitis last summer I am all about foods that give your skin a healthy glow!  If you don’t know what folliculitis is, it’s this painful itchy bumpy skin rash that looks like acne.  Last summer I got it all over my scalp and face.  It was very painful!  Doctors and friends tried to recommend their skin care products both topical and oral but what finally cured my folliculitis was changing my diet, using a special zinc based shampoo (which always made the alarm system at the airport go off!) and making sure I always showered immediately after a heavy workout!

I started using Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap in whatever scent I fancied when it was time to buy a new bottle.  I chose this soap because it seemed to have the cleanest ingredients… Here’s the link:

I also invested in a clarisonic which I love!!!

I continued using my facial lotion, which is an extremely heavy cream because the skin around my eyes gets very dry and tight if I try a lotion that is not a heavy cream.

And I simply followed my usual regimen of drinking lots of water and getting as much sleep as I wanted.

I did clean up my diet with less sugar, less processed foods and less dairy (the main culprit being dairy that is filled with hormones).

Stress is also a huge factor in acne along with lack of sleep!  I know it’s easier said than done but the more you can eliminate stressful situations or people the more your body will thank you!  I know for me as soon as my ex-roommate and I parted ways my body immediately started to heal.  I believe in loving everyone but if someone is mean spirited, constantly negative and trying to hurt your spirit on a daily basis, you absolutely must choose to love them from a far.

I also want to add that folliculitis has not been my only skin issue!  Have you ever heard of the shingles?  Well, yep I sadly got that a couple of days after 9/11.  It’s a nerve virus that can be brought on by extreme stress and after 9/11 I was absolutely terrified.  It left scars all over my back and torso but within a year these scars were gone.  I am a firm believer in the power of vitamin E oil and aloe vera.  If you have scars I would highly suggest applying vitamin E oil on them just as I did.

Okay let’s beet it!  One tried and true juice that I have invented is a beet juice and of course beets are not the only ingredient as I love a variety of yummy flavors!


In this juice there are two beets, three carrots, a pink lady apple, a bosc pear, a handful of kale, a lemon and cilantro.

I only garnish juices when I make them for Nick, so they look extra special.
I only garnish juices when I make them for Nick, so they look extra special.

This does not mean I don’t ever break out though!  I’m still a 25 year old woman and it seems that when I travel on airplanes my skin gets a spot here and there.  What I do if this happens is use a charcoal mask.  It seems to suck all of the toxins that my skin may have absorbed while stressed.

By the way… make sure you’re not say… hand modeling or doing anything else important after cutting beets.  They will stain your fingers for an hour or so.  See photo below (and this was after washing my hands!)

A nice shot of the moon stone ring Nick bought for me when he first met me.  I love him!
A nice shot of the moon stone ring Nick bought for me when he first met me. I love him!

What are your skin care secrets?  I love sharing and getting new ideas!


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