Acai Bowls

I’m sure you have heard of the super food The Acai Berry!

But do you know what to do with it?  I don’t really know what to do with it either because I’ve never seen a raw one at the grocery store!  However, I do have this amazing recipe that I stumbled across in Miami, Florida.  I’ve never actually been to Miami.  When I stayed in Miami it was always on the little island South Beach… not the actual city of Miami.  Anyway while on South Beach I found this little place called Under The Mango Tree!  Oh my goodness it is soooo yummy!  Everyday (sometimes twice a day) I would go and get an acai bowl along with a fruit smoothie or protein smoothie (my absolute favorite smoothie is the Marley- It’s a mix of peanut butter, cacao, kale and almond milk).  I had no idea what an acai bowl was but of course had to try it as I needed fuel for those long arduous days at the beach…  They made me feel so good.  I had to start making them at home and so I did.  Under The Mango Tree was kind enough to share their recipe and now I’m going to share it with you!

I love you Under The Mango Tree!

Okay, so you might not be able to see it very well… but how adorable is this little chalk board sign!?

Here is my personal recipe:

2 packets of frozen Acai (Sambazon is a great and popular brand that you can find at most grocery stores.  I have found it at Whole Foods and at Publix)

1 banana

A juice mixer of your choice!  Any juice or milk substitute will do!  I usually always prefer orange juice as my mixer.  Just put a little in like a little less than a 1/4 cup…  The more you make them the more you’ll figure out your preference as far as whether you like them thick or more like a juice to sip easily.  I like my acai bowls thick.

With those three ingredients you have your base… You can now blend them!  After blending it will be time to top your acai bowl!  Get creative because you can top it with anything!

Your choice of freshly cut fruits

A handful of granola and maybe even some shredded dried coconut

1/2 a handful of dried goji berries

A drizzle of either honey or agave (whatever I have, I use… I just tend to run out of honey fast!)  I’ve seen some people even blend honey into the acai base, which is great, just be careful you don’t get too excited and make it too sweet (I have fallen victim to this).

For a few more ideas you can top your acai bowl with more super foods like chia, hemp and flax seeds.  Bee pollen is also great for you and is an added sweetener

The base of this acai bowl is mixed with kale. You can seriously get super creative with acai bowls! There is no right or wrong way- just whatever works best for your body and your taste buds.



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