Las Vegas

Nick and I recently went to Las Vegas.  We left last Friday morning at 7 am and met his friends at the airport.  It was such an amazing trip because so many of Nick’s family and friends had chosen to go that very same weekend!  It was a new place with familiar faces which for me was extremely comforting.


Nick had planned to go with his friends, as they go every year around this time for the real estate conference, and I was fortunate enough to have him take me along this time around!  It was very last minute and such a great surprise!  I soon found out that Nick’s cousin, Joanna, and her husband, Denny, would be going for her birthday celebration.  Nick’s sister, Christina, and her fiancée, Luke, were also going because Luke was attending the real estate conference!  It also just happened that all of Nick’s friends went to high school with all of Joanna’s friends (so they had a mini class reunion).

Nick and I stayed at the Cromwell hotel.  If you are looking for a darker, romantic, French chic, Great Gatsby feel- I recommend staying here.  I was shocked that our hotel had Giada De Laurentiis’ new restaurant in it!  My daughter and I watch her cooking show almost every night before she goes to bed, so Giada has a very special place in my heart.  My liquid sunshine juice was inspired by a juice that Nick and I had off of her breakfast menu.  And this is how it is with Nick… everything feels like a perfect amazing coincidence- like a little wink from God.  It really is strange in the most wonderful way- more on that later!


Each night we went out to dinner with Nick and his friends.  I’m trying to remember all of their names but a few noteworthy ones are: Loreto (who operated the trip), Merritt (who was always on “Full Throttle”), Slate The Great (now we didn’t spend much time with Slate the Great… but how do you forget a name like that) and Gunny (who kept telling me that he was taking Nick to Thailand before we get married… not sure what is happening in Thailand, but hopefully he brings him back alive and in one piece).


The first night we went to STK.  Oh my gosh… the food was so amazing!  My favorite was the short rib and the bread (seriously, bread is one of my favorite foods).  After that we went to a night club in The Cosmopolitan.  It was beautiful.  The next day, after sleeping in, Nick and I walked around the Strip, and met up with his family at Caesar’s Palace.  I should have taken a picture because the pools at Caesars’s are just fantastic.  I don’t think any of us actually went into the pool because it was a chilly weekend, but the company was really what made the experience fantastic.

Look how excited I am!  I look like a small child at Disney Land!
Look how excited I am! I look like a small child at Disney Land!

Later that night it was dinner at Nove.  I don’t have anything nice to say about this restaurant other than the view was stellar.  After this we went to a night club in the Bellagio and you could tell that I was from the east coast and a mommy because I was sleepy!  I don’t go out late at night to clubs or bars anymore.  These days a great night for me is dinner and cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie, but when in Vegas (I at least tried to hang).  I also really had to start a detox process with my body because I’m not used to drinking anything other than red wine and the past two days I had tried a little bit of everything (prickly pear shots, mojitos, raspberry lemonade and one of Nick’s favorites, Caipirinhas.  There was way too much sugar in my body and it was making me crash hard.

The next day Nick took me shopping and completely spoiled me.  I seriously felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman minus the hooker part.  I went into stores that I had never even dreamed of going into let alone trying their clothes and shoes on.  I know it’s just another day of shopping for some people but for me, it was like walking into a coveted place.  I was nervous and excited all at the same time and trying very hard not to show it.  After that, we went back to our hotel’s roof top pool which was, WOW, a party in itself.  If you want to drink and listen to a lot of house music (which I think most people in their 20’s do) then you would love this, again it’s not my thing anymore, but it was fun to observe!

At the Venetian

For dinner it was back to STK which I definitely did not mind!  After dinner Nick and I walked around the Venetian because I really wanted to see the gondolas.  After three days of walking around Vegas my body (mostly my feet) was done!  I really wanted Nick to have a night with his friends and to be honest I needed to curl up in bed and sleep!  Weird Science was on and I’m a sucker for old 80’s cult films!  After about five minutes of that it was off to dream land.  The next day Nick headed to Arizona for work and I headed back to Cleveland.  I was sad to part from everyone and this amazing experience but when I got to Nick’s house in Cleveland I felt so much warmth and happiness, it also could have been from the sugar high I was on as I had just eaten half a box of chocolates that Nick’s friend had gotten for me at the airport, but seriously- even though I’ve only been in Cleveland for a couple of weeks, coming back gave me a visceral comfort.  Perhaps that’s one way of knowing you are truly happy, when coming “home” feels so good.


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