Liquid Sunshine

The Fruit

The perfect name for this juice is Liquid Sunshine or Happy Juice because oh my gosh it just makes me smile!

Juices are so much fun because you can add or omit whatever you want!  My whole life I have loved baking and so I was always pretty strict with recipes and measurements, because let’s face it, if you mess up in baking… you pretty much ruin it.  Too much butter can make your chocolate chip cookie flat; cook in an oven that is too hot and you get a gooey middle part of a cookie but a burnt outer part; confuse sugar with salt… and well you get the point.  But with juices- creativity and improvisation are encouraged!

This juice was made with one apple- pick whatever apple you love!  This apple is a pink lady but next time I’m going to use a granny smith apple, because why not?  We’re juicing!  About 1 handful and a 1/2 of pineapple, a small handful of mint, and a lemon.  I also put watermelon in just to get rid of the little bit left that we had in the fridge.  Next time I’m not going to add it though because I really want the taste of the pineapple and apple to SHINE.  I feel like watermelon can well… water it down more than I want for this juice.

Okay, once the ingredients are cut up, juice them!  Nick has an Oasis horizontal juicer (I’m pretty much obsessed with it).  I also strained the juice afterwards because the watermelon seemed like it added a bit too much pulp.


YUM!  Yes, it’s in a wine glass with ice because I LOVE cold juices (I’ve always preferred ice in my orange juice too).


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